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Sai Ohyama

  • Certified Holistic Nutritionist
  • Licensed Esthetician
  • Lash extensions / lifts trained
  • Certified Microneedling Training
  • Certified Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic & Jessner's Peels
Sai Ohyama

Hi I am Sai. Nice to meet you! I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, then moved to Florida when I was 25 year-old.

My passion for beauty started when I was about 17. I would love getting laser hair removal and my nails done as well as trying new skincare products.

After all the phases I went through (dying hair, put heavy makeup, etc), I ended up stopping everything unnatural and embracing my natural appearance.

After I moved to the states, I had a really bad acne for a long time. It made me cry and didn’t want to see myself in the mirror. After all the money I spent on fancy skincare products, hoping to see a good outcome, I found out that my skin problems comes from not so good ingredients in skincare products as well as my diet. I did my research. That’s when I finally came to the conclusion that I had to try skincare products that use cleaner ingredients and thats when my skin started to clear up.

I am still working on some old acne scarring but it’s slowly getting better and better. I attended esthetician school and became licensed Esthetician, spring of 2020. Now I know what might be the cause of skin problems and I pay attention to what I eat, what I put in my body so let me share what I know.

Dance was my life from 3 to 25. I was then jobless for 2 years trying to find what I love besides dance, decided to study holistic nutrition. I then found out about esthetician school, which made me realize I really love doing this. I’d love to share with you and if I could be the person who can help you maybe even just a little bit, I’d love you to give me a try.

Sai Wermy

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